Things To Know

Things To Know


Girls should vote on how the troop will use the program proceeds before they begin selling! The average troop earns nearly $150 in start-up money to fund troop activities that get their year started right! Also, troops will earn higher rebates for each nut product!

Don’t Forget...

Magazines can be purchased solely online. Nuts can be purchased with a girl’s order card and/or online. Girls alongside their parents set up their store front at Plus, the items make cool holiday and teacher gifts!

Fall Program Vocabulary

Direct Orders: This is the direct sale of candy & nut products. Refer to order card for items offered and pricing.

Nut Promise: A Nut Promise is an online order placed for the same products that are available on the order card, but the girl/parent is responsible for delivering the product and collecting the money due.

Direct Shipped: This is the online sale of magazines and nut/candy products that are directly shipped to the customer at the customer’s expense through the girl’s storefront. These orders are automatically tallied into the girl’s totals in regards to rewards.

Storefront: The girl and her parent go to and set up a selling page known as their storefront where they will send emails to friends and family about supporting their campaign.

TNOS (Trophy Nut Order System): TNOS is what we use as the tally system for both magazines and nuts. It keeps track of initial sales, booth sales, catch up orders, payments and rewards.

Me2 Avatar: Girls and Leaders can create their own Me2 Avatar and earn rewards for their virtual room. This is a virtual character that resembles the person creating it.

Initial Sale: Initial Sale is the portion of the sale that takes place prior to October 14. Orders placed by this deadline will be shipped more conveniently to your local town.

Catch Up Order: Girls can continue to take orders throughout the campaign with their order cards. These products have to be picked up at one of the local cupboards nearest to your town. Please see the back of the manual for all council cupboard locations and hours of operation.

Booth Sales: Booth Sales are sales held outside of stores or any safe place you can find for the girls. You must coordinate all booth sales with your SU Fall Chair.

Troop Instructions

  1. Make sure you have filled out your Troop Manager job description and have handed it to your Service Unit Fall Chair. You will then be sent a link that will invite you to set up the troop’s management site for the Fall Program.
  2. Fill out your ACH attachment form and send to the Product Sales Department in Commack.
  3. At a troop meeting, discuss with the girls what goals they would like to achieve with the Fall Program.
  4. Hand out the paperwork to the parents/guardians of the girls. Be sure to get a signed permission slip from each family before accepting any orders.
  5. Give the girls’ families a deadline to return the order card. All girl nut orders for initial sale need to be entered by October 19. (Refer to Important Dates)
  6. Set up some booth sales in conjunction with your Service Unit Fall Chair.
  7. Once you have received the direct order cards for the initial sale, go to and enter any orders that the parents have not entered for you.
  8. Your Service Unit Fall Chair will give you an exact date when the product will be arriving so you can arrange a pick up. (Refer to pg. 7)
  9. Continue selling after the initial sale with catch-up orders that can be picked up from your local cupboard. (Refer to Cupboards)
  10. Make all of your deposits in a local Capital One Bank. Please use only the deposit slips that were assigned to your troop. If you need more deposit slips, contact for additional ones.
Rebates will only be direct deposited to the troop bank account when the bill has been paid in full.

Girl/Parent Instructions

Girl Scouts will use this site to send emails to family & friends requesting their support for their Girl Scout troop. In this email, recipients will be given two links - one for the magazine store and one for the nut/candy store.

Customers may purchase or renew magazine subscriptions online or purchase nut/candy items online. All direct shipped online purchases are paid via the customer’s credit card and shipped directly to the customer at the customer’s expense.

There is also a Nut Promise order option available for nut/candy store link. Friends & family may choose to order the same nut/candy products available on the order card. The girl/parent is then responsible for delivering this product and collecting the money.

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Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.